2009 Open Source CMS Report Released

WordPress was one of three leaders in both rate of adoption and brand strength as measured in the 2009 Open Source Content Management System Market Share Report. The second edition of this report, authored by water&stone and CMSWire, was released today and concludes that three brands – WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal – are dominating today’s market for open source CMS. The report looks at download rates, evaluation and trial usage, and third party support to estimate adoption. Brand strength is evaluated by assessing search engine rankings, Google PageRank, mindshare, social media prominence and reputation.

We’re happy to see WordPress recognized again as a strong CMS option for publishers. The free 96-page report is available at CMSWire.

Source: 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share Report, water&stone and CMSWire (2009)
Source: 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share Report, water&stone and CMSWire (2009)

27 thoughts on “2009 Open Source CMS Report Released

    1. Sorry Sarbatha, but ‘0’ would mean they are perfect! Pretty sure the WP Crew don’t wwant to be perfect (close to it) as they ned to keep striving to improve which what they do!

      So I guess disagree with you but not in a bad way.

      Love WP!!!


  1. That is great statistics. WordPress is very powerful, and consistent in upgrades. It is very easy to use and best for professional bloggers and if used and customized properly can definitely go beyond blogging and become a perfectly functioning CMS. I am going thru the report. Long live WordPress.

  2. There has just been a tidal wave of code, scripts, and utilization for WordPress, that wherever it failed someone, there was enough people ( or enough talent from that one person ) that the problem ends up being solved.

    In terms of making a very smooth-running site, WordPress still has issues since it is very bloated in comparison to what it may be used for, but at the same time, to build off of it isn’t as hard, unlike starting from scratch with others like Drupal or Nuke.

    What would cost thousands for someone to build a site four years ago, most of the solutions are free and on WordPress. The plugin repository is so huge and amazing, its astounding what you can find, and what others have worked on.

  3. Oh wow, WP rules! Cheers to the WP devs, plugin and theme authors, Trac/IRC lads and lasses, and all forum volunteers!

  4. Great! WordPress is the top one.WP is very easy to use and easily crawled by search engines, Automatic Installations, Upgrades etc., Drupal is the second one because it is easy to learn then joomla!

  5. It’s going to get bigger too. After trying all of the top 3, I have to say WP rocks! Period. The sheer amount of plug ins alone boggles the mind. Some times I just scan through them looking for new ideas, because every trend on the internet seems to get a plug in!

  6. Thanks for the coverage of the report. From my perspective, WordPress seems to go from strength to strength. In a number of key brand metrics WordPress led the field and as the exhibit above shows, brand sentiment is very positive. Congrats on another great year.


  7. I love WordPress. I recommend it to everyone I know – individuals, small businesses and large corporations. WordPress is great because it’s always improving functionality and it’s extremely user-friendly. Keep up the great work!

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