OnStar Selects WordPress MU and bbPress

Thanks Dave for letting us know that OnStar, the vehicle safety and security service, has selected WordPress MU and the discussion forum platform bbPress for their new OnStar Connections site:

There is some lively discussions going on in the forums, which also have Gravatar support turned on.

[ Visit OnStar Connections ]

5 thoughts on “OnStar Selects WordPress MU and bbPress

  1. You know, that’s great for them and everything because they’ve probably got a professional web developer to work it over for them and everything, but what about us non-php guys?

    I keep looking and asking on the forums, but there are no answers. BBpress are just not telling us what they are working on for the future, and no-one is bringing bbsync back to life.


    This is my list…

    What I want from a CMS

    I want one fully integrated community portal package. It has to have a nice home page, a nice blog, and a nice forum community all fully integrated.

    I’d want it to have the following features like WordPress:
    1. A one click upgrade every time there’s a security release or upgrade
    2. Heaps of beautiful free themes to choose from
    3. A great video tutorial site like WordPress.tv
    4. But UNLIKE wordpress to have a FULLY integrated forum plugin that is supported by the parent company. (Automattic support WordPress and BBpress, but it is a pain to integrate and is NOT a WP plugin).
    5. blog synchronising which is backed by the parent official company or developers!
    This would operate like “WordPress post to SMF”.
    Main features:
    • SMF post is added when the WordPress post is published
    • SMF post is updated any time the WP post is updated
    • template function for linking from WP post to SMF post
    • link back from the SMF post to the WP post
    • it is possible to show on the SMF post just an excerpt
    Admin page options:
    • SMF Board ID to post to
    • SMF User ID to set the post author
    • SMF Forum path and Url
    • Link from Forum to WordPress text
    • Max characters for SMF topic

    bbpress used to have this with bbsync, but like so many 3rd party projects, it died. This is why I have trouble with bbpress… so many BASIC forum features rely on the generosity of 3rd party coders and might not be upgraded every time bbpress is upgraded.

    As far as I know, the Kunena forum team for Joomla might be developing something like this for the Joomla core blog, but the core blog is VERY minimalist and doesn’t even seem to have an month-by-month archived post function! So my preference would be if WordPress made BBpress a fully integrated plugin, fully loaded with all essential 3rd party basics core, and bbsync as a core option as well.

    But if Kunena are bringing their own version of ‘Joomlablog sync’ to life with K1.6, then maybe I’ll just have to convert CMS’s.

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