WordPress in Demand on Elance

Elance, a marketplace “where businesses connect with independent professionals to get work done”, has published their latest Elance Online Work Index. In this index they rate which skills are most in demand in their marketplace based on 100,000 new jobs posted on Elance over recent months:

The #1 in demand skill is PHP, followed in the #2 slot by MySQL. The top publishing platform, with an overall ranking of #13, is WordPress, up 2 spots from #15 since the last index. Joomla comes in at #29, previously 18th overall, and the next publishing platform listed is Drupal at #75, previously 46th in the last index.

Since WordPress is PHP/MySQL, WordPress professionals out there are in a great position with the most in demand skills.

You may recall back in January oDesk posted about similar trends in their marketplace as well.

[ Read more on the Elance blog ]

4 thoughts on “WordPress in Demand on Elance

  1. Growth in WordPress jobs on oDesk have only accelerated since we listed it as our fastest growing skill back in January 2009. Back then, 350 WordPress jobs were being posted per month. Today, the number has more than doubled.

    We attribute this growth to the increase in social media marketing. As companies tighten their marketing budgets in this recession, corporate blogs are a great way to get word out. Good wordpress developers can help companies infuse their corporate blogs with their own style, branding, and look-and-feel. The ongoing maintenance of these blogs can then be taken over by well managed writers.

    Amit Bakshi
    Product Marketing Manager, oDesk

  2. And fairly so … wordpress has evolved into being the perfect quick turnkey website solution. Most websites which need to be informational more than anything else can be created and maintained easily through wordpress. With the new plugins its beginning to suit more commercial purposes too!!

    Also, these graphs indicate more openings for wordpress developers too..!

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