WSJ. Magazine Selects WordPress

A fast growing trend that we’ve seen of late is the adoption of WordPress for “CMS projects” where WordPress is being leveraged in building-out entire sites that are not necessarily blog-centric.

A great example of this trend is the recent launch of the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ. Magazine, powered by WordPress:

It’s great to see the Wall Street Journal Digital team leveraging their in-house expertise with WordPress to build out WSJ. Magazine.

The WSJ sites powered by WordPress now include the main WSJ blogs (mentioned previously here), VIP site, and the new Small Business How-To Guide just launched using WordPress as well.

[ Visit WSJ. Magazine ]

10 thoughts on “WSJ. Magazine Selects WordPress

  1. Its interesting to see a high-profile publication like the WSJ using WP for content management. I’d love to hear some of their needs and challenges that led to the decisions to use WP and how it is working out for them.

  2. WordPress is great for CMS projects. I created a site for some friends called, it’s a Washington based Vegan gifts & gift basket company. Their catalog is all done in WordPress.

  3. Glad to hear it, I’ve been using WordPress for some time even though I can hand code a site WordPress makes it so easy to add information and make changes.

  4. WordPress is king, period! This is just the beginning of stories like this with major players utilizing the power of open source technology. Out of the box, nothing holds a candle to it, and the customization and flexibility of what WordPress brings to the table.

  5. I feel as though WordPress in the running for the tip of the iceburg of publishing platform. It is very user friendly and powerful at the same time. It does not suprise me to see the Wall Street Journal’s Digital team take advantage of this tool.

  6. Beautiful! What a slick design for functionality and visual appeal. If only I had that team in my one-person web design shop. Very cool that they would work with WordPress – this website has set the bar. Who ever thought I'd be thanking WSJ for inspiration. Many thanks indeed.

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