Nationen! blog Selects WordPress MU

The team at Incsub has written-in to let us know about a very exciting launch of Nationen! blog.

Nationen! blog is a WordPress MU (WPMU) powered site developed by Incsub in collaboration with Søren Pedersen of Ekstra Bladet, the largest Danish site on the web with more than 1.5 MM unique visitors weekly!

The installation integrates single sign-ons (SSO) with existing Ekstra Bladet accounts, provides CMS features for the front page and has built into it a range of powerful community features including internal private messaging email features, friend features, comprehensive internal statistics integration and a fair bit more.

Global tag clouds are also created from across the site and the posts displayed on tag and category portals on the front page.

In order to integrate more fully with the newspaper the front page also includes listings of latest videos from the online site as well as full MSS integration, with latest photos taken and sent in by mobile phone being displayed on the front page alongside latest comments, posts and popular content which can also be seen here:

While the site has only been launched in beta for a month – it already sports over 300 blogs and is a great example of how a major media organization can use WordPress MU to set up their own blog network while keeping a tight integration with their existing site.

You can read more about this project over on

[ Visit Nationen! blog and ]


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