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Looking to blog from your mobile device ? You are in luck ! WordPress offers lots of different ways to keep blogging even on the go.

On WordPress.com we have m.wordpress.com. It’s a very light and speedy version of the admin dashboard, and works well on smart phones like the iPhone, BlackBerry and Treo.

On the mobile WordPress.com site you can post, manage comments, see stats, and basically do everything you normally would do. Just point your mobile browser to m.wordpress.com and login with your username and password.

For self-hosted WordPress there are several plugins for mobile usage including WPhone and the iPhone / Mobile Admin plugin:

Mobile Admin adapts the WordPress admin UI to be more friendly to mobile devices, specifically phones.

The iPhone / iPod Touch browser was the first target, but most other mobile browsers are supported at a basic level, and plugins can be used to customize for specific browsers where desired.

In addition, there are a ton of exciting mobile WordPress projects being worked on within the larger WordPress community — stay tuned !

8 thoughts on “WordPress Mobile Options

  1. Hi

    I appreciate this post was made some time ago now, but thought you might want to know about the Mippin mobile plug in too?

    Its just a suggestion of course, but not only does Mippin mobilize a blog but it will also launch it in to a community of mobile users who are already checking out other blogs on mobile.

    Basically Mippin has created a wide community of content, people, news, blogs, video, images, listings etc, all of which is connected around similar interests between readers using their mobile to interact. And there’s a lot of them too. Plus the mobilized blogs look fantatstic… though that’s subjective of course!

    Well if you’d like to you can find out more about the wordpress plug in here:


    And for more info on mippin check out http://www.mippin.com/mobilizer – to quickly mobilize your blog to the mippin mobile community and to anyone else coming to your blog via mobile.

  2. I have got one of the new Droid phones and was looking for a good app that I could use on my phone so I could be apart of the blogging on the run crowd. I found this http://android.wordpress.org/, and it seems to work with all of the smart phones that run the android operating system. Very cool app and a must for the blogger with the smart phone.

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