Bloomington Indiana Startup Weekend Utilized Prologue

When we released the Prologue WordPress theme for group communication, we knew it would be used in innovative ways.

This past weekend we saw it utilized for a Startup Weekend, an event where you can “Build Community and a Company in a Weekend”:

Bloomington, Indiana was a proud host to Startup Weekend, which completed a 54-hour marathon weekend of design, planning and implementation of a new company. Although the organizational structure is still in progress, the consensus of the majority who stuck around for all three days of work is that this was a great experience. There is a strong desire to take our project to the next stage and release our work to the world.

The group used the WordPress Prologue theme to keep up to date with various updates and activities:

We tried to be as transparent as we could (until the legal team advised us to be selective), and evidence of the process is available on the official blog and in our Prologue stream.

You can see the “Prologue stream” from this past weekend in action here at .


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